Work Premises

Work Premises | Martin Pelenur

February 12 - April 2, 2011

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 12, 2011, 7-10pm

Alejandra von Hartz Gallery is pleased to announce a new exhibition: ”Working Premises”, which will feature new Works by Martín Pelenur (Uruguay,1977).This is the artist’s first solo show in the United States, and will take place from February 12 to April 2, 2011. The opening reception is on Saturday, February 12, from 7-10pm

Pelenur defines himself primarily as a painter and as a surfer. He understands painting as a way of thought.

The show is structured around a working premise, in which the grid, the square and the very drying process of paint are researched. Premises are the starting point of the works in which he strives to achieve results that he can repeat. The materials and support are indivisible.

Dimensions are variable, and the final set up fixes them in place

S/T (X1, Y1), 2011 S/T (X2, Y2), 2011

Black crepe tape, PAI, 31.5” x 31.5’ (80 x 80cm) Blue crepe tape, PAI, 31.5” x 31.5’ (80 x 80cm)

Matín Pelenur

Uruguayan, born in Buenos Aires 1977.

Since 2002 he has exhibited his work, collective and individually, at the Rio de la Plata region and abroad. Since 2006 he has been working in squat houses in the Old City (“Ciudad Vieja”) of Montevideo, having received what he likes to call “the auto beca Pelenur”—a self-awarded research fellowship. There, he dedicates himself to the investigation of his working media.

He recently exhibited a piece called “Huevo Kapoor a la Barniz Pelenur” at the Municipal Center of Exhibitions in Montevideo, which heralded a new era of his work.

Recent exhibitions and Awards:

2010: Huevo Kapoor a la Barniz Pelenur. SUBTE, Municipal Exhibition Center.Montevideo, Uruguay ; Pekin: Cintas Ortogonales y Cuadrados Sintéticos. Van Riel Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina; Goethe Institute Schollarship Award at the 54th National Award of Visual Arts. National Museum of Visual Arts. Montevideo, Uruguay.

2009: Taller Abierto / Ciudad Vieja. Montevideo, Uruguay; Pinturas recientes. Del Paseo Gallery. Punta Del Este, Uruguay.

2008: Aproximación a una gota de pintura (negra). Pablo Atchugarry Foundation.Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Project Room:

Winter Solstice | Geny Dignac


“Winter Solstice” Series, 2005

Edition of 7. Direct Photography, Fujiflex Print

19 ¾” x 19 ¾” (50x50cm)

Geny Dignac was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

While living in Washington D.C. she began to work with light, fire and temperatures. Since 2005 she is also using metal as a medium and creating forms which are a continuation of her experiments with vinyl and acetate of the 60's.

In 1968 one of her pieces was selected for the show of E.A.T ( Experiments in Art and Technology) which took place at the Brooklyn Museum in New York. She also was invited to participate in the "Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Elements of Art" at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston Massachusetts, with two Fire Sculptures and photographs of the Fire Gestures she did in the desert in California.

She has been invited for many of the "Arte de Sistemas" shows throughout Europe and South America organized by CAYC ( Center for Art and Communication) Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She was invited to several of the Biennials of Cali and Medellin in Colombia and was awarded a prize for a light piece at the Museo de Arte Moderno in Cali, Colombia.

When coming to the Arizona desert to do some of her Fire Gestures, she became fascinated with the landscape of a never ending horizon, and she moved with her family to the Sonoran Desert.

She has done over 30 Fire Gestures, on city streets, on sand dunes, on snow and in mid-air. She burned 234 gloves at the Paolo Soleri "Arcosanti Festival" in Arizona and one of her Fire Gesture "Rio Salado" was filmed by KAET for aPBS special.

She has participated in shows in the United States, Europe and South America and her work is at the Fundacio Joan Miro, Barcelona.Spain; Palazzo Dei Diamanti, Ferrara. Italy; Museo de Arte Moderno. La Tertulia. Cali, Colombia; The Royal Caribbean Art Collection; Museo del Banco Central del Ecuador, Guayaquil, Ecuador; Notre Dame University, Indiana.USA; The Latinoamerica Art Foundation, San Juan. Puerto Rico; Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts, Scottsdale. Arizona USA, and in private collections.

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